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WordPress & MaxCDN

Recently we’ve been developing some fairly popular blogs. Blogs with lots of visual content and lots and lots of traffic. And we’ve added something special to these.(more than our usual Lagniappe)

For instance AskAnna Moseley. A gorgeous site, and a great owner who answers all your deepest darkest questions on cleaning and organization.

She had some specific requirements for her site like the tabbed navigation and sidebar information tabber along with  the fact that she uses images, lots of images to illustrate her point.  Combine those factors with her popularity and traffic and she found her site crashing straight out of the box.

WordPress is a great platform, superbly extensible. But with lots of custom script and a hand full of plug-ins it can quickly use large amounts of CPU and crash to the ground faster than you can say jack rabbit. Especially if you’re using shared hosting, which is where most bloggers start out.

To the rescue MaxCDN Content Delivery Network  and Cloudflare for  added security and voila!

Speed loaded and secure! And using less CPU.  Of course you want to know how I did this right?  Keep reading and watching!

So what is  MaxCDN  and why do I need it?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and simply put, Max CDN offloads the static elements of your website such as images, JavaScript, and CSS to their  data centers around the globe; speeding up your site and making it more dependable, so that you can focus on growing your business instead of maintaining it.

You’ll need a good caching plugin (we use WTC3)  and together all these elements make for an ultra speedy site!  Now, this is not to say you’ve not outgrown your  current hosting situation, especially if you’re on a shared hosting plan and your site is busy. We offer custom solutions, VPS hosting and more here at Lagniappe Marketing. Contact us for a full inspection of your site, speed, and hosting.  We also offer complete installation of caching plugins and MaxCDN integration for very reasonable pricing.

This HAS to be expensive, right?

Wrong!  I thought so too, when I placed my own sites on MaxCDN, but they’re actually very competitively priced.  At $39.95 for 1Terrabyte  (annual pricing) ,that’s 1000 GB for the geeks among us, and a 30 day guarantee, you cannot go wrong. WordPress is a great platform for bloggers, self hosting is absolutely the only way to go and adding MaxCDN can only improve your site speed and uptime!

Content Delivery Network

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