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What’s The Best Time To Post To Facebook?


Feeling like you have a split personality, for most of us in social media is common. And mostly a good thing. One minute you're  writing a facebook post about your son's ball game and the next you're publishing an article for a sponsor. Ever wonder 'what day' is the BEST DAY to publish that post … [Read more...]

Organize Your WordPress Info Now!


Working with clients, I always need important website info. Most of the time I get the question back, "where would I find that"? A conversation usually follows about how, when and where that information might be. Sometimes a client just can't find it and we have to go back to the hosting company. … [Read more...]

WordPress & MaxCDN

CDN - Content Delivery Network Services by MaxCDN MaxCDN Content Delivery Network

Recently we've been developing some fairly popular blogs. Blogs with lots of visual content and lots and lots of traffic. And we've added something special to these.(more than our usual Lagniappe) For instance AskAnna Moseley. A gorgeous site, and a great owner who answers all your deepest … [Read more...]

Google Analytics & 10 Easy Steps To Exclude Yourself From Your Stats

7Google Analytics

If you have a blog (and frankly who doesn't these days) you likely use Google Analytics to report your visitors/hits and more from your website. When you have a new blog that is receiving only a couple of hundred “visits” per day and you account for 15 or so of those you are going to skew your … [Read more...]

Howler Monkeys, Lions and Africa, Oh MY!

Remarkable Bloggers©, a project I started here a couple years back, has been a redheaded step child for the most part. I started with the general premise of bringing you some new reading material, not necessarily on a daily basis. I read (back then)  hundreds of blogs in my work days. Now, lets call … [Read more...]

Blog Stats Uncensored

8Google Analytics

  It seems the issue of blogs, stats and traffic is on many people’s minds, particularly new bloggers. Though PR and companies might be starting to shy away from the review/giveaway model to some extent, most still require bloggers to give their traffic and follower information in the … [Read more...]

Everything I Needed To Know About Blogging I Learned In Kindergarten

You've probably seen this banner hanging on some of your favorite blogs recently. And you've probably read some articles some good, some not so good. But the not so good comments are coming from those who don't really understand what this new service is about. Holly Homer (@Texas Holly) Shauna … [Read more...]