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What’s The Best Time To Post To Facebook?

Feeling like you have a split personality, for most of us in social media is common. And mostly a good thing. One minute you’re  writing a facebook post about your son’s ball game and the next you’re publishing an article for a sponsor.

Ever wonder ‘what day’ is the BEST DAY to publish that post to facebook?  The folks at  Linchpin SEO did the dirty work and came up with this infographic..  grab a print of this one and keep it in your office space, posted where you can see it daily!

facebook infographic
Facebook Post Data Segmented By Industry infographic designed by Linchpin Infographic Design


Organize Your WordPress Info Now!

Working with clients, I always need important website info. Most of the time I get the question back, "where would I find that"? A conversation usually follows about how, when and where that information might be. Sometimes a client just can't find it and we have to go back to the hosting company. Its TIME TO ORGANIZE your WordPress Info!   So, I've developed a downloadable form ( I was inspired by another form I found on Template … Continue Reading

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WordPress & MaxCDN

Recently we've been developing some fairly popular blogs. Blogs with lots of visual content and lots and lots of traffic. And we've added something special to these.(more than our usual Lagniappe) For instance AskAnna Moseley. A gorgeous site, and a great owner who answers all your deepest darkest questions on cleaning and organization. She had some specific requirements for her site like the tabbed navigation and sidebar information tabber … Continue Reading